Product accent:
  • Model:RS
  • Module assembly which means light structure space-saving easy installation and maintenance
  • Equipped with buffer check valve unfavorable effect from water impulse can be eliminated
  • Simple structure precise tuning and easy operation
  • Module assembly can decrease leakage coming from assembly connections due to long-term vibration
Thread Type L H CV Weight
3/4" 140 120 4.0 1.5kg
1" 170 165 7.5 2.2kg

Cross section of pressure reducing valve set

NO Item Name Material
1 Pressure gauge  --------
2 Sealing NBR
3 Main body Bronze
4 Cylinder Bronze
5 Buffer spring Stainless Steel
6 Piston Bronze
7 Filter net Stainless Steel
8 Pipe connector Bronze
9 PE washer PE
10 Three-way ball Brass
11 Nut Bronze
12 Shaft Bronze
13 Diaphragm Fabrics NBR
14 Spring housing Bronze
15 Adjusting stem Stainless steel
16 Pressure spring Stainless steel
17 Sealing NBR
18 Sealing retainer Brass
19 Spring Stainless steel
20 Orientation seat Bronze


  • Test pressure for valve body: 21 kgf/cm2
  • The inlet pressure gauge indicates pressure before relducing, and outlet pressure gauge indicates pressure after reducing
    •When cleaning the impurities on the filter net, just take off the cylinder (component 4), then filter net (component 7) can be unloaded at the same time.
  • Adjustment range :
    1kgf/cm2 ∼ 3.5kgf/cm2
  • Applied temperature :-15℃∼80℃
  • Maximum applied pressure: 12 kgf/cm2

Pressure Reducing Valve Set Functional States Chart

  Open state
When the handle is rotated upward, pressure reducing valve set becomes pressure reducing (open) state.
  Bypass open state
When the handle is rotated to horizontal position, pressure reducing valve set becomes Bypass open state.
Closed state
When the handle is rotated downward, pressure reducing valve set becomes pressure closed state.

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